Colour Charts

Please note that colours may appear different depending on the lighting conditions of the environment the sign is in and the colour display on your device. Our colour charts are a guide only as we can never 100% match a colour choice unless ordered in custom made. 

On each colour board, the left side is gloss and the right side is matte.
Gloss is shiny, will show reflection, fingerprints and scratches.
Matte has a textured look and feel and is much more forgiving in
hiding any blemishes and easier to photograph.

Solid acrylic colour samples
Earth tone acrylic colour samples
Milkshake acrylic colour samples
Pastel acrylic colour samples
Skin tone acrylic colour samples
Frosted acrylic colour samples
Mirrored Acrylic

Please note the Mirrored Acrylic is not available in every product - unless specified or upon request.

Glitter Colours

Please note these colours are not available with every product. If you would really like a product using these colours please contact us to discuss a custom order.