Meet the ladies behind
The Humble Gift Co.

Our Story

The Humble Gift Co. is a small family business specialising in personalised gifts and home decor, business and event signage. If there is something you've wanted to create but need some help, we can assist!

Our business is on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland, situated on the beautiful East Coast of Australia. We take pride in creating stunning designs and products to suit your homes and special occasions. Every piece that leaves our Humble HQ has been created with love and care.

Our business journey started in mid-2021, but we officially celebrate one year in business as of 8th October 2022. 

Thank you for all your support!


The Humble Gift Co. is owned by sisters Tea and Chantelle.

We have a unique story of loyalty, love and sisterhood. While
we were born worlds apart, we were destined to be sisters. Tea came to Australia
as an exchange student from Finland in 2004, and Chantelle became her Aussie
little sister. At the time, Chantelle was only five years old.

A few years later, Tea met her now-husband and father of
their five amazing children here on the Sunshine Coast, leading her to move
back to Australia permanently.

​In the meantime, Chantelle grew up to become a wonderful,
ambitious young woman with a degree in nursing and a passion for creating a
business that brings joy to others while doing what she loves. That’s where the
idea of The Humble Gift Co. was born. Combining Tea’s creativity and love for
design and Chantelle’s skills in anything technical, we knew we’d make a great
team. We are both eager to learn and always open to growing our knowledge and
skills. We love a challenge!

We have invested our whole hearts into creating a service
that will cater for all occasions. No matter how big or small, whether it is to
celebrate a new life, forever love or someone who has grown wings and now
dances with the angels.  

We work closely together in creating everything that is ‘humble’.
We value authenticity and kindness and we thrive to provide a safe space for
you to come to with your ideas. We draw most of our own images and design
everything here at The Humble HQ.

We are two years into our Humble journey. We are so grateful
for all of you! You are the reason we are here today.

Thank you!

Introducing Chantelle
Head of Tech
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Introducing Tea
Head of Design
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Our first piece

5th October 2021 was the day we received our Thunder Laser.
What a game changer this day was in our history.

Our biggest supports

It's important to acknowledge our biggest supports. Mum (aka Trish), Talus (Chantelle's partner) and Robbie (Tea's Husband) and their 5 kiddies.

Our First birthday

Of course we had to throw ourselves a party. What better way to celebrate than with ballons, confetti poppers and a light up number 1!