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DIY Acrylic Wishing Well

Due to its fragility, this product is only available for local pickup on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland.
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DIY (Design it yourself) Acrylic Wishing Well

It may take up to 3 weeks to make before shipping depending on acrylic availability. Please contact us before ordering if you have a tight schedule.*

Acrylic Wishing Wells can be used at many events and is a great way to safely store your cards and gifts.

Your choice of wording. 

Multiple ways to attach the lid depending on the design chosen below.
With a standard-sized card slot, bigger items must be placed inside by carefully opening the lid. 

Custom sizes available.

Seamless design - whole wishing well made from acrylic. 
Latch & hinges - metal can be sprayed a specific colour, or we can source clear acrylic latches and hinges.

The colour of acrylic and engraving can be customised. 

Contact us here if you'd like a custom order.

Product Disclaimer!
~ We urge you to be super careful when unpacking your Wishing Well. The walls are all chemically welded together, but the small joins at the back of the lid are very fragile.
~ Please hold the lid carefully when opening it, and don't let it drop back as the thin edges may snap.

~ We advise not to put any weight onto the sides or top of the wishing well and to carry it carefully.
~  We recommend not letting people play with them as they are fragile and can break easily.
~ If you need to clean it, use a glasses cleaning cloth or warm, soapy water with a non-abrasive paper towel, as the acrylic can easily scratch. Orange oil works well for tough marks. 

Due to its fragility, this product is only available for local pickup on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland.


Please provide adult supervision at all times and keep this item out of reach of children! The Humble Gift Co.'s products are NOT A TOY. They are for educational, decorative or informative purposes ONLY. They may contain small parts that present a choking hazard. It is advised that children do not suck or chew on these items. The Humble Gift Co. is not liable for any misuse of this product outside its intended purpose outlined above.

Production Time:

Due to the nature of our business here at The Humble Gift Co., orders can take up to 2 weeks to be produced from payment. This means two weeks before the shipping company receives your parcel, or you can collect it from The Humble HQ.

Customers who purchase a Personalised Order will be required to approve a digital draft copy before we can begin creating your product.

Note: if there is a significant delay in confirming a draft, this may add extra production time.

Acrylic can scratch easily. We recommend using a soft tissue when cleansing. Do not use a microfibre cloth, as the small particles may scratch the acrylic. 

Gloss acrylic has a smooth and shiny finish. Therefore gloss acrylic is more likely to show fingerprints, scratches and reflections, and this may make it harder to photograph. Whereas matte acrylic has a textured, non-glare finish that is more forgiving to the everyday environment..

Wooden products may have colour variations due to layers and grain. Engraving may come in different levels of darkness due to the layers in the wood. Wooden products can mark easily with dirty hands - refer to sealing your wooden product tab

Raw plywood may mark easily from dirty hands, paint pens or water. We recommend sealing it for longevity, this therefore will allow it to be wiped down and protect it from moisture and dirt. If this option is not available on your product please contact us.

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